Saturday, April 9, 2011

Project # 14 Teach Someone

This project was about teaching someone something that might help them in EDM 310. For me, I thought it might be helpful to put together a slide show about the FORM Document that Dr. Strange requires to go along with the SmartBoard presentation. For my group and me, when we meet and sat down to do the FORM we had no idea what Dr. Strange was even talking about. So with the help of another student (who we did not get his name but thank you so much) and Anthony Capps we discovered what Dr. Strange wanted and became more technologically literate. Thank you Laura Bishop, Rachael Gammill and Dana Johnson for working so hard with me on that project!

1 comment:

  1. Good thinking Olivia. We used to put a lot more energy into doing forms, but this summer we hope to make some worthwhile revisions to help make it more effective. This slide show ought to help!