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Project 9b

This is small time line about how Apple Computers came about and what they have brought to modern technology today.

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Blog Assignment # 6

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The Networked Student

I like the idea of a networked student.  A student’s knowledge of a subject has no boundaries in growing if they are connected to the Internet and using a Personal Learning Network. It is amazing to think students, as young as middle school age, could have such a broad access to learning. The networked student is no longer reading and being lectured from a book but has an abundance of resources to become more knowledgeable in a subject.

Yet, networked students still need a teacher. Even though a student may know a lot about the Internet they still need guidance. A student, is just that, a student. A person who needs guidance and help, to grow, learn and go farther. The teacher of a networked student will show that student how to better navigate all the resources on the Internet to achieve a great Personal Learning Network. This network will be a great resource not only to that student in the future but others who may need it also. The Internet is so vast that is easy to find something that is not legitimate and that is where a teacher is needed to discern those types of sites. Even though books can be eliminated teachers cannot be eliminated. At every age there is a need for guidance and a person that knows more and can help someone else.

I personally am learning right now how to be a teacher for a networked student. I do not have my own Personal Learning Network right now but with the help of Dr. Strange and EDM 310 I will have one by the end of the semester. I am excited to learn and cannot wait to share this information with other teachers and students. In the world today a teacher nor a student can afford to be technologically literate.

google image PLN

A 7th Grader's Personal Learning Environment (or PLN)

This 7th grader has done a great job with her Personal Learning Environment (PLE).  I have just recently started my own Personal Learning Network (PLN).  I have a lot of work to do to become as proficient as this student.  I really liked how she has her school and play (such as Facebook) separated from one another.  As I use mine, I hope to find the right balance of sorting my tiles of networks.  Using a PLN is a great way to store all of the information that one is using to study.  It is very easy to organize and see where everything is stored.  It is great to be able to stay on one web page and pull all the information you need.  It is also a great tool for others looking for more specific information in regards to a topic.  

One can learn a lot from this 7th grade student.  This student makes it easy to set up and begin use of your own Personal Learning Network.  I hope to be able to use this for not only myself but introduce this to my students as well.  Now, to go become more proficient in my own Personal Learning Network!

Google image, Smartboard


I have not ever used a Smartboard before and I have just recently learned about them because of my son's teacher at his school.  My son's school is interested in using the Smartboards.  After reading theses two blogs and, I began to have my own doubts about the Smartboards.  I questioned my 12 year old niece about Smartboards in her school.  She stated that she only has one class, English, that has a Smartboard.  She said her teacher uses it but not in elaborate ways.  The students do get to use the Smartboard and she personally enjoys using it.  So after reading these blogs and listening to a student that has one in the classroom, I began to have some serious doubts about this expensive piece of equipment.

Then I found another blog that loves the SmartBoard.  It is by Danny Nicholson.  He loves the Smartboad.  After looking through his blog and seeing all the different options and uses for the Smartboard it got me interested more in this expensive piece of equipment.  I began to wonder if it is just a matter of technological literacy.  The Smartboard seems to have many great features that could enhance the classroom and a student's education.

I personally cannot wait to try out the Smartboard.  Until I use it myself though I am not going to agree one way or another.  I would love to be well trained though and continue to educate myself on the Smartboard if given the opportunity to have one in my classroom.  

Project # 7 Comments for Kids

For my Comments for Kids, I had a student in Canada, one in Auckland, New Zealand and a student in New York. It was very interesting to see how each teacher has the students doing different blogs.

Kid Blog Pic from google images

My first student lives in Canada. This student's blog was about a story the class is reading. This is what I posted on the student's blog.

Hi! My name is Olivia Bush and I am a college student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. I am studying to become an Elementary Teacher.
I have heard how beautiful Canada is and would love to come visit one day. Do you like living in Canada? I live by the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. I love living by the water and in a warm climate.
Thank you so much for sharing part of this story. I have enjoyed reading your blog. You have intrigued my interest to discover what will happen next. My son is in the first grade and I think he might enjoy this book too. Please send me more information about this book. My blog site is I am looking forward to reading more of your blog in the future. I wish you the best in school!

My second student lives in New York. This class watched this video,

I watched the video and then made this comment on the student's blog.

Hi Mike! My name is Olivia Bush and I am a college student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. I am studying to become an Elementary Teacher. My graduation present to myself will be a trip to New York. Maybe, I can come by and visit your school when I graduate.
I watched the “Million Dollar Project.” What a neat song and fun ideas to do with a million dollars. It would be so neat to have a million dollars to help others. I like your idea of giving every student a lap top. That would be wonderful! Just think of the knowledge and advantages those students would have if you gave them a lap top. Do you enjoy being able to have computers in your classroom? I cannot imagine life without computers. I have been using them since I was your age, maybe even younger, and use them everyday now.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts on using a million dollars. I think that is a great idea! If you would like, please feel free to follow my blog site too while I am in school. Its is I look forward to reading your blog more and wish you the best in school!

My third student was from Aukland, New Zealand. This student had a drawing on his blog of a car driving down the road. This is what I posted on his blog.

Hello Jeryco! My name is Olivia Bush. I am a college student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama in the United States of America. I am studying to be an elementary teacher.
I looked up information about your country on the Internet and it is a beautiful country. Do you live near the beach? I live just a few miles from the Gulf of Mexico and love going to the beach in the summer.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful picture. You are a wonderful artist. Is there a story behind your art? I would love to know more about your picture, please feel free to visit my blog Thank you again for sharing your work and I wish you the best in your education and future.

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Blog Assignment # 5

Podcast google images

I have listened to Podcasts before, they are done by my Pastor at First Baptist North Mobile, and I enjoy the connivence of being able to hear his sermon when I am not able to attend church. I had not ever thought about using it in the classroom. What a great idea! When used correctly and appropriately Podcast can be a great resource for teachers, students and parents.

I like the idea of using Podcast in the classroom for many reasons. It is a great way to get students thinking and using creativity skills. This is something that they can carry with them through life. Also, how convenient for parents and teachers, if a students has to miss school for whatever reason, that student can stay caught up and the parent will know exactly what is going on in the classroom. Linking the Podcast to a class blog would be great use of the Podcast tool. There would be an audio and visual aid for students and parents. This would also benefit the teacher because the parent and teacher could directly correspond on the blog.  What a great use of modern technology in the classroom.

I personally, along with my group, learned how to use the different applications on my Mac computer.  Doing a podcast is easy on the Mac.  The use of the Garage Band (which is a voice or music recorder) application and then adding a slide show was simple with iMovie.   I know as a parent I would love this option of hearing what is going on in the classroom because this gives you the ability to be involved in your child’s education. I hope to use this feature in my classroom one day.  This technology would relieve the stress between teachers, students and parents because everyone involved would know what is going on in the classroom.

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Blog Assignment # 4

No Mouse

Don’t Teach Your Kids This Stuff. Please?
By Dr. Scott McLeod

Dr. McLeod’s blog is straight to the point in a blunt sort of way. It discusses the negatives of technology. How it is full of bad things like, sexting, cyberbulling and cheating. He discusses how can we trust students on the internet or with modern technology.

I personally have two young children, ages 7 and 3. They are both exposed to technology daily. Even at their young ages technology is something that is used everyday in their lives now. My son is in the 1st grade and uses a computer daily at school. He even has the option to come home and continue his classroom assignments at home via the internet. My daughter who is 3, (as well as my son) knows how to use my iphone. She can play games and even make calls (with little assistance). Before I know it she will be able to text. They also have hand held gaming systems. As you can see technology is already a way of life in our home. 

That being said, I believe you must look at the negatives of technology they way one would the bad things of this world. You teach children to, not to talk to strangers, not to watch bad television shows, to look both ways when crossing the street and to be polite to their friends and family. In my home we are also trying to raise God fearing children. So why would you not teach children these principals about technology? In my opinion that falls in the category of having and teaching good morals. A child/student studying or using technology must be taught to use this great advancement in life in appropriate ways. Adults should realize that this use of technology needs to be monitored whether it is in school or at home, or a 1st grader to a senior in high school. They are children, not adults and need to be taught and protected. It is to be hoped that, by having that guidance and protection they will grow to use technology for good and not the bad ways that exist in technology today and will always exist.

Technology cannot be removed from this generation or way of life. It is the way of life for not only us but these children and will always be a part of our lives. Students need more exposure to technology than they are currently receiving so they do not fall behind. Technology changes everyday and if students are not being taught how will they ever succeed in the world as professionals when they reach that point of life? It is in the hands of teachers and parents to protect, guide and teach children about technology. Technology holds such great knowledge and advancements for students, that they cannot afford to not learn.

The iSchool Initiative

Travis Allen is a 17 year old high school student that has a wonderful idea. I love the idea of iSchool. I am personally a user of the iphone, iPod and mac computers by Apple. I did not even know that half of the applications (apps) that he discussed where even available. Mr. Allen has done his research in creating the iSchool idea.

Mr. Allen has taken every subject that is taught in high school and found the equivalent the iTouch for iSchool. He has even organized ways for teachers, students and parents to all know what is going and keep up with classes. Mr. Travis even took it a step further in safe guarding the students and blocking websites that are not associated with school. The iSchool opens the doors to do away with paper, books and pencils and pens. Think of the money this will save the school system in paper and books. It will also save the environment. Now the only thing is to get school systems on board and teachers technologically literate.

Lost Generation

May reaction to this video poem is that what is being said first is so true now. It seems that we live in a society that is a, quick fix, get things instantly and it is an all about me society. You do not have to look very far beyond your own personal social circle to see that type of society. People believe it is all about “me” and making “me” happy.

Yet, the flip side of this video reflects me personally and my way of life which is the opposite of the first side of the video poem. I believe God and my family come first over everything. Divorce is not an option. I will vote and have a say in my country and be involved in the politics of our government. I am trying to change the “me world” with my life, my family and now with my education to become a teacher.

This video/poem has a very intriguing presentation. Reading sentences that have the appearance of being very firm statements that cannot be changed. The reader then can read the poem backwards and it changes completely. Each sentence is very negative and derogatory but when read backwards they become positive and enlightening. I have never seen this done before and thoroughly enjoyed this poem. What a clever idea for a class assignment, reversed thinking, for my future students.

Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir

The performance of ‘Lux Aurumque’ was beautiful and amazing. How amazing is technology and the internet that it helped Eric Whitacre bring together a 185 person choir to perform a song. I enjoyed this so much, that I had to do research and find out how he put this choir together. A young girl, had sent him a video over the internet of her singing, this is where his vision began for a virtual choir.

This choir consisted of people who never came together as group in the same room. They were from all over the world, sitting in front of a computer. Using the internet, Eric Whitacre was able to direct them in this beautiful song. This is so amazing, I just have to share it with everyone. It is so hard to believe that technology has brought us this far that we can have virtual choirs. I can only imagine what it will be like in the next five years.

Teaching In The 21st Century

This was a very interesting video. It discusses the very important topic of technology and its implications. I agree with this video. Teachers must engage their students. This today, means that this engagement is not going to be done by all the traditional methods but adding technology to these methods. Students today seem to be born with more technologically literate skills than the adults of today. Maybe that is because it is such a part of their lives and has been since they came into this world.

Students are changing the education system by their abilities to surpass educator’s knowledge of technology. Students can learn more and be better informed because of their access to all the different internet sites. Educators in the 21st century are going to have to catch up to these students and stay caught up to be great teachers. Technology is a way of life and needs to be applied to education.

Today’s technology is what is going to enable students to be effective producers in the job market of the future. How can we as educators sit back and not become technologically literate ourselves to better our students? The end of the video state “the question to ask is What Does It Mean To Teach?” As a future teacher, to me that means a lot, but most importantly, to teach is to always be a student too. Learn all I can.

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Project # 5

Blog Assignment # 3

A Vision of Students Today

Michael Wesch at Kansas State University and some other students put together a survey of what is going on in the college classroom today.  These 200 hundred college students brought a message out about how they feel about their college experience today.  Their average class size, how many teachers do not know their name, how much books cost and other things about the college experience.  They talked about how much college cost and how it may not even help them in their future career.  

I believe this video is very true in some aspects.  We spend hundreds of dollars on college, books and supplies that we will never use and information that will be irrelevant to our careers.  Yet college students also waste these resources.  I am a returning adult college student who now knows the value of that diploma one is working towards.  I am here to learn and soak up all the information I can.  Even 13 years ago as a freshman in a 2 year community college I knew the importance and the cost of my education, so I was very serious about my classes and grades.  I believe in the old saying "the more you know the further you will go".  Even if that class is irrelevant to your career you may be surprised that you will one day use that knowledge.

Students are so bombarded by modern technology today that they have not learned the value of college or nor do they take it seriously.  They just assume they can self teach, through the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, or some other computer based resource.  They do not value the teacher standing in front on them that is full of knowledge on a particular subject that the teacher wants to pass on.  Nor do they respect their other classmates, potential employers or co-workers, but they continue in their own technological world, which is all about their self.   This type of student needs to step out of their own world and into the world of learning.

I believe technology is very important. It is what is making the world a better place and bringing us information that we once never knew.  I think colleges and teachers also need to evolve into the technological world.  Teachers need to step out of the tight realms of traditional teaching and look for ways to grab this technologically savvy generation and gain their attention.  They need to upgrade their methods of teaching to today's world.  In doing this technology might improve our world in ways unimaginable and make it even better than it is today.  Can you imagine a world where teachers and students are all technologically literate?

Its About the Technology

This blog is by Kelly W Hines, a 4th grade teacher in Washington, North Carolina.  Mrs. Hines is also married to a teacher who is a coach too.  Mrs. Hines is a mother of twin boys. Education is obviously a priority in her life.  In her blog she discusses  the importance of technology and how teachers need to get on board with this technology and use it to their benefit.  This is what I just discussed in my previous blog about "A Vision of Students Today".  

I believe in what Mrs. Hines is discussing in this blog, "Teachers must be learners.”  In order for students to get the most out of their education the teacher needs to be up to date. I love her statement "  I equate teaching and learning to a basic physics principle. If an object does not move, no matter how much force has been applied, no work has been done. Therefore, if a student has not learned, no matter how much effort has been exerted, no teaching has been done."  How can a teacher teach a subject a hundred times and never change the presentation?  Each class is different, each child is different and each generation brings something new to the classroom.  A teacher needs to be prepared for these changes and adapt her lesson to them.  Teachers to be open up to new ways to teach and learn.

It is not enough for a teacher to read a handout or attend a workshop about something new in technology, they must get in there and work this new technology.  In order for a teacher to be a successful teacher they must also be a student.  Technology has opened the doors for teachers and students.  Now to get teachers on board and with a strong desire to want to learn about all this new technology.  Most students have already surpassed our teacher’s knowledge about modern day technology.   Think of the places teachers could take students if they got on board with the students too.

Is It Okay To Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher?

This blog is written by a teacher, Karl Fisch.  Mr. Fisch “hit the nail on the head”, so to say, regarding teachers being technologically literate.  I have been out of college for 13 years but very involved in a business that required computer skills.  I have seen technology change drastically over the years but even I have to not keep up with it like I should or could have done.  I am so glad Mr. Fisch pointed this out to me.

“If a teacher today is not technologically literate - and is unwilling to make the effort to learn more - it's equivalent to a teacher 30 years ago who didn't know how to read and write.” This statement is so true, no matter how many people it may offend.  Yes, he is right teachers plates are full but that does not matter to the student that is there to learn.  How can we as current educators or those in training not want to learn as much as we can about technology to help future generations?  What an injustice to the future leaders of our world.  I am  glad that I am currently taking EDM 310 and reading these blogs.  What an eye opener for me.  I am ready and willing to learn all I can about technology so that I may be an asset to my students one day.

Garys Social Media Count

This is another "WOW" for me!  

All I can say in regards to my professional career as a future educator is that I better be willing to keep up with technology.  If it changes that fast now, I will need a continuing EDM 310 class forever, in order to stay up to date.  Can we only imagine what technology will be like in another 5 years?  I have 7 year old son and a 3 year old daughter, what is the future going to hold for them?

 I hope the schools systems can see the changes that need to be made in order to help teachers and students.  The teachers are the ones preparing these students to step out into this world of technology.  So it is our job to lobby for the students, train ourselves and push for schools to not only catch up but to stay caught up.  Our children deserve the best in order to make them the best in the world they will be entering. Students need to be prepared in every way possible from math, reading, writing, the arts to technology in order to be successful in the future.  


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Project 3 Comments for Teachers

C4T #1

"Sharing Our Learning" By Andrea Hernandez

This is the blog that I read. This teacher not only wants to share her work by blogging about it but she also shows you step by step what she did with the kids in her class.

I agree with this teacher in her opening statements that teachers should share their ideas and information. This is not only good for the teachers but the students also. It opens doors to new ideas and ways to get the teacher excited about teaching and the students learning. It also is a way for teachers to grow in knowledge and be better equipped to teach. I think in order to be a great teacher your mind needs to be open to learn more yourself as the teacher.

Ms. Hernandez had a great project that she called "Trading Card". She gives you step by step how to do it and in detail.  You pick a subject, she used a apple as the example.  You set it up to look like a baseball card.  Picture on the top and stats below.  She has a picture of an apple and the descriptive information about the apple.  It is a neat project for the students because it uses writing, reading and publishing using the computer and internet. Each of these skills are used everyday. It is also good feed back for the students too.

I enjoyed this post and I can't wait to use it one day in my own classroom.

C4T #2

"10 Thoughts After EduCon Day 1" By Andrea Hernandez

Ms. Hernandez discusses in this blogs how she needs to blog more and share her thoughts with others that may not have the same background knowledge.  She also discusses how important it is to be involved in learning rather than just sitting and listening and taking notes.  She discuss how her child always says "I need to talk".  I can relate to that statement because I have a three year old who says the same thing all the time.  Ms. Hernandez touches on the fact that education should be more active involvement with open discussion versus note taking.  I agree with her so much in that small statement.  I myself feel like I get more out of being actively engaged in the class versus taking notes.

She also goes on to say "less is more" and talks about how teachers can get bogged down in all they have to teach and do.  This statement is very true.  After that she ends with "6. 7. 8. 9. 10. I guess  less is more!"

Ms. Hernandez makes two big points in this blog.  One is opening up the door of participation in the classroom versus just sitting and taking notes.  The second one is "less is more" and that statement can ring true in many aspects of life.

I really enjoyed her blog page and look forward to going back to it.  Ms. Hernandez has lots of good ideas and her thoughts on things are very true and make sense.  I think she is on board with the technology approach and getting student's minds engaged rather than using what Dr. Strange calls the "burp back method of teaching".


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Blog Assignment # 2


Did You Know?

My first reaction to this video is, WOW! I have seen videos like this before and the statistics that are in them blow my mind. It is amazing how things have evolved so much over time, and I am also amazed at how rapidly it has happened. Not only has the form of communication changed but people have changed with the technology.

Technology has progressed rapidly just within the past few years. It is amazing how technology drives people in almost every aspect of life. From jobs, to marriage, and how they live everyday.
With this rapid increase in technology my children may reach a point in their school career that they never use a sheet of paper again. It may come to a point of using computers only or some sort of personal computer device. According to this video by the time I graduate from the University of South Alabama, my EDM 310 class will be more advanced than it is now.


Mr. Winkle Wakes

This video, gives the other side of the first video, "Did You Know", in that it discusses how some things have not changed because of technology. Mr. Winkle awakes from his 100 year slumber to discover a very different world. In this world he discovers all the modern technology and advances. Yet he finds in the midst of this new advanced world, a school, which has not changed and is just like he remembers.
I find it interesting that Mr. Winkle discovers a school with no modern technology. I do agree that some things do not change in education not matter what point of education the student is currently in. Some things still have to be taught the old fashion way, with a teacher, a chalk board (or some version of a chalkboard) and pencil and paper. Yet, on the other hand, schools are incorporating modern technology and computers are no longer sitting on the back shelf collecting dust. In order for students to be prepared for all of the things Mr. Winkle saw when he first woke up from his 100 year slumber they need modern technology in the classroom. I believe the advancements of modern technology are not replacing old fashion classroom teaching but improving the teaching method for students and teachers alike.


The Importance of Creativity

Mr. Ken Robinson touches on many points that make a person think about creativity in children and adults. I really enjoyed how he pointed out that children are not scared to be wrong but as they grow into adults being wrong closes the doors of creativity. These doors are also closed by education because creativity takes a back burner to mathematics, reading, writing and science. Mr. Robinson also discusses how children are told "you will never be a dancer, musician or artist but work toward something that will bring in a paycheck". I think we have all heard that statement in our own personal lives at some point. Just think about how many great talents have been diminished because people are worried about the "paycheck".
I am so glad he shared the story of Gillian Lynne, who is the choreographer for the Broadway musicals, Cats and Phantom of the Opera. How wonderful that the Doctor she was taken to see, to find out what was wrong with her, knew that she possessed a talent that needed an outlet. How different those musicals would have been without her talented touch. Mr. Robinson goes on to point out how in the 30's we did not have the diagnosis of ADD or ADHD. I think if we were not so quick to jump to a "fix all pill" that maybe we would see that children who are being pinned in a desk for 8 or more hours a day just need an outlet. That outlet just might be found in creativity, in the arts, music, dance, and even sports.
Who knows what great artist is to be found in a child, but we will never know unless that door is opened for that child. I hope as a teacher I can look upon each child and not see a child with a problem or a label of a "problem child" but help them discover their gift. It would be wonderful to see creativity come off the back burner in education and see it as important as the other subjects taught in school.


Laura Scott's EDM 310 and Cecilia Gault

This young student poses some very strong questions for not only Mr. Robinson but for everyone.  She discusses how students in Finland get better grades than here in the United States.  Also how the dropout rate is so high in the United States compared to Finland.  Cecilia Gault raises these questions to Mr. Robinson and receives answers from him.
In her interview she wants to know how can education change to meet the demands of the 21st century, and she also wants to know more about his three (3) myths regarding creativity.  I believe her two (2) questions go hand in hand.  We now have so many ways to express creativity and the technology to do it.  She also asked him to define intelligence.  I agree with Mr. Robinson in his answer.  You cannot define intelligence.  Each child and adult posses some form of intelligence.  We are each different and contribute our own creativity and thought process that helps in all walks of life.
I hope I can help any "Cecilia Gault" in my classroom by fueling their intellect and creativity.  By being their mentor, coach, encourager and biggest cheerleader, because your never know what might come from that child.  I also want to keep learning myself, so that I can better equip my students.  Children respond better to encouragement and positivity.  I will strive to be that teacher and help students blossom though creative learning.

Cartoon picture

Harness Your Students Digital Smarts

What an amazing teacher to bring technology to the classroom, students and even her town!  Vicki Davis is inspiring.  Ms. Davis proves that you can be in the "middle of nowhere" and still be technologically literate.
I love that Ms. Davis is not only teaching but learning from her students as well.  She is such an inspiration to teachers and students everywhere.  I hope to be able to be the same type of teacher and open the doors to new and exciting technology to my students and others around me.