Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Comments for Teachers #4

For my final teacher Dr. Strange assigned me Dragonsinger57. This teacher's name is Jo Fothergill. She lives in New Zealand. Ms. Fothergill states on her blog about being a teacher is "it’s about creating a place where kids are inspired, enthused, excited about discovery and learning ". I found that very inspiring. I hope to be a teacher like her one day that inspires my students and I make the classroom a place they want to be.

The first blog I read was about her classroom. Life in Room 12. There are three videos to watch about her classroom. You can click on the above link Life in Room 12 to read the blog and watch the videos. The videos are about the things they do daily in the classroom and the technology they are currently using too. The second blog I read by Ms. Fothergill is short and sweet to the point but my favorite. It is called Not obsessed at all. This blog is a picture of Apple computer products. I have to say that I am in the same boat with Ms. Fothergill. I love Apple too! Once you start using anything by Apple, whether it is a iPod, iPhone or computer you fall in love.

I have enjoyed reading the blogs written by teachers all over the world. It really gives you an insight into another teacher's classroom. It is also a great resource for future teachers. I hope to one day be a blogging teacher and maybe I can help someone too.


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