Friday, April 8, 2011

Blog Assignment # 11

First Graders in Ms. Cassidy's Class

Ms. Kathy Cassidy is a First Grade Teacher in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. Watching her class video (you can click on the title of this blog and watch) and listening to her Skype conversation with the EDM 310 class from last year really hit home for me. I have a son in first grade who would love to be in this class especially with the opportunity to use his DS. I am so jealous and wish we had this kind of classroom now for my children.

My son is in private school where they do have more advantages than other schools but yet they are still way behind. My son attends a computer lab but they are only teaching him about how computers work. I wish I was graduating this semester so I could be the teacher that brings this technology to the classroom now because we are not giving our students all they deserve or need by not teaching them about technology.

I cannot wait until I begin teaching and can bring technology to my classroom. I want to have a class blog like Ms. Cassidy's blog and also a classroom page. I think my future students would benefit from using the SmartBoard, blogging, Skype and using learning games on the DS. I think even parents will love the idea of being able to see what their child is doing and learning in the classroom by being able to look on the computer at anytime. What advantage that will be versus just having to either write a note or setting up a conference with the teacher.

I believe my impediments for using technology in the classroom are going to be the lack of funds to have the computers needed for each child. Also the lack of time if there are not enough computers, being able to allow each child enough time on the computer. Also there may be parents, other teachers and even administration that are either set in their "old fashion ways" or just scared of technology that might hold back on the advances that I would want pursue in my classroom.

Hopefully through with my blog now and being able to be involved in my son's school we can begin to open the door to technology. The world is changing and education has to change with it in order to give the future generations everything they need to succeed in the world. I know that is what I want for my future classroom and my own children now.


  1. Olivia, I loved all the technology that Mrs. Cassidy has brought into her classroom, I cannot believe that first graders are doing the same thing that we are just now learning. This world has changed so much since we were young. All the opportunities that kids have now are amazing. I also love how the parents can keep up with everything the kids do throughout the year, I'm sure its much easier on Mrs. Cassidy too!

  2. It's not just teaching kids to use technology. That comes rather easily for them. The real issues is teaching them to use technology as a part of learning. Learning is the key. Technology often makes it easier or more effective. But not always.

    Thoughtful, well written, well reasoned.

  3. I'm like you. I'm excited to get into my classroom and start making changes to the ways students are taught. And I agree, blogs, Skype, and SMARTboards will be beneficial in classrooms.