Friday, February 4, 2011

Project 3 Comments for Teachers

C4T #1

"Sharing Our Learning" By Andrea Hernandez

This is the blog that I read. This teacher not only wants to share her work by blogging about it but she also shows you step by step what she did with the kids in her class.

I agree with this teacher in her opening statements that teachers should share their ideas and information. This is not only good for the teachers but the students also. It opens doors to new ideas and ways to get the teacher excited about teaching and the students learning. It also is a way for teachers to grow in knowledge and be better equipped to teach. I think in order to be a great teacher your mind needs to be open to learn more yourself as the teacher.

Ms. Hernandez had a great project that she called "Trading Card". She gives you step by step how to do it and in detail.  You pick a subject, she used a apple as the example.  You set it up to look like a baseball card.  Picture on the top and stats below.  She has a picture of an apple and the descriptive information about the apple.  It is a neat project for the students because it uses writing, reading and publishing using the computer and internet. Each of these skills are used everyday. It is also good feed back for the students too.

I enjoyed this post and I can't wait to use it one day in my own classroom.

C4T #2

"10 Thoughts After EduCon Day 1" By Andrea Hernandez

Ms. Hernandez discusses in this blogs how she needs to blog more and share her thoughts with others that may not have the same background knowledge.  She also discusses how important it is to be involved in learning rather than just sitting and listening and taking notes.  She discuss how her child always says "I need to talk".  I can relate to that statement because I have a three year old who says the same thing all the time.  Ms. Hernandez touches on the fact that education should be more active involvement with open discussion versus note taking.  I agree with her so much in that small statement.  I myself feel like I get more out of being actively engaged in the class versus taking notes.

She also goes on to say "less is more" and talks about how teachers can get bogged down in all they have to teach and do.  This statement is very true.  After that she ends with "6. 7. 8. 9. 10. I guess  less is more!"

Ms. Hernandez makes two big points in this blog.  One is opening up the door of participation in the classroom versus just sitting and taking notes.  The second one is "less is more" and that statement can ring true in many aspects of life.

I really enjoyed her blog page and look forward to going back to it.  Ms. Hernandez has lots of good ideas and her thoughts on things are very true and make sense.  I think she is on board with the technology approach and getting student's minds engaged rather than using what Dr. Strange calls the "burp back method of teaching".


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