Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blog Assignment # 6

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The Networked Student

I like the idea of a networked student.  A student’s knowledge of a subject has no boundaries in growing if they are connected to the Internet and using a Personal Learning Network. It is amazing to think students, as young as middle school age, could have such a broad access to learning. The networked student is no longer reading and being lectured from a book but has an abundance of resources to become more knowledgeable in a subject.

Yet, networked students still need a teacher. Even though a student may know a lot about the Internet they still need guidance. A student, is just that, a student. A person who needs guidance and help, to grow, learn and go farther. The teacher of a networked student will show that student how to better navigate all the resources on the Internet to achieve a great Personal Learning Network. This network will be a great resource not only to that student in the future but others who may need it also. The Internet is so vast that is easy to find something that is not legitimate and that is where a teacher is needed to discern those types of sites. Even though books can be eliminated teachers cannot be eliminated. At every age there is a need for guidance and a person that knows more and can help someone else.

I personally am learning right now how to be a teacher for a networked student. I do not have my own Personal Learning Network right now but with the help of Dr. Strange and EDM 310 I will have one by the end of the semester. I am excited to learn and cannot wait to share this information with other teachers and students. In the world today a teacher nor a student can afford to be technologically literate.

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A 7th Grader's Personal Learning Environment (or PLN)

This 7th grader has done a great job with her Personal Learning Environment (PLE).  I have just recently started my own Personal Learning Network (PLN).  I have a lot of work to do to become as proficient as this student.  I really liked how she has her school and play (such as Facebook) separated from one another.  As I use mine, I hope to find the right balance of sorting my tiles of networks.  Using a PLN is a great way to store all of the information that one is using to study.  It is very easy to organize and see where everything is stored.  It is great to be able to stay on one web page and pull all the information you need.  It is also a great tool for others looking for more specific information in regards to a topic.  

One can learn a lot from this 7th grade student.  This student makes it easy to set up and begin use of your own Personal Learning Network.  I hope to be able to use this for not only myself but introduce this to my students as well.  Now, to go become more proficient in my own Personal Learning Network!

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I have not ever used a Smartboard before and I have just recently learned about them because of my son's teacher at his school.  My son's school is interested in using the Smartboards.  After reading theses two blogs and, I began to have my own doubts about the Smartboards.  I questioned my 12 year old niece about Smartboards in her school.  She stated that she only has one class, English, that has a Smartboard.  She said her teacher uses it but not in elaborate ways.  The students do get to use the Smartboard and she personally enjoys using it.  So after reading these blogs and listening to a student that has one in the classroom, I began to have some serious doubts about this expensive piece of equipment.

Then I found another blog that loves the SmartBoard.  It is by Danny Nicholson.  He loves the Smartboad.  After looking through his blog and seeing all the different options and uses for the Smartboard it got me interested more in this expensive piece of equipment.  I began to wonder if it is just a matter of technological literacy.  The Smartboard seems to have many great features that could enhance the classroom and a student's education.

I personally cannot wait to try out the Smartboard.  Until I use it myself though I am not going to agree one way or another.  I would love to be well trained though and continue to educate myself on the Smartboard if given the opportunity to have one in my classroom.  


  1. The 7th grader is definitely ahead of us and very well spoken too. She did a great job with her network. I think we have a foundation for our PLN and it will never be finished since we need as many sources as we can get.
    So, the networked student doesn't scare you. I wouldn't think so since we know more about technology at this point than they do. Or we will soon at the end of EDM.
    As far as the smartboard goes, I have seen it used properly and it is great piece of equipment if you know how to use it. Not everyone teaching at this point has been through Dr. Strange so they may not have a strong base for smartboard use. It is like anything you buy, if you don't spend the time mastering it then it WILL be a waste of money. In Economics, if you buy it, it is worth something(has value) and you didn't get ripped off. Smartboards are relevant and can be used for benefit. I am sure Apple will come out with something next month to counter it so maybe the smartboard is just a foundation leading to better things.
    Kenny EDM310

  2. Next semester, I am going to offer a smart training session for the students before the smart assignment to avoid some of the burnout/ frustration that you experienced. However, you did SUCH A GOOD JOB! Keep up the good work!


  3. Btw, Allie figured out a better way to make an object make noise without using periods. It is WAY better. Next time you're in the lab remind me to show you.