Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blog Assignment # 2


Did You Know?

My first reaction to this video is, WOW! I have seen videos like this before and the statistics that are in them blow my mind. It is amazing how things have evolved so much over time, and I am also amazed at how rapidly it has happened. Not only has the form of communication changed but people have changed with the technology.

Technology has progressed rapidly just within the past few years. It is amazing how technology drives people in almost every aspect of life. From jobs, to marriage, and how they live everyday.
With this rapid increase in technology my children may reach a point in their school career that they never use a sheet of paper again. It may come to a point of using computers only or some sort of personal computer device. According to this video by the time I graduate from the University of South Alabama, my EDM 310 class will be more advanced than it is now.


Mr. Winkle Wakes

This video, gives the other side of the first video, "Did You Know", in that it discusses how some things have not changed because of technology. Mr. Winkle awakes from his 100 year slumber to discover a very different world. In this world he discovers all the modern technology and advances. Yet he finds in the midst of this new advanced world, a school, which has not changed and is just like he remembers.
I find it interesting that Mr. Winkle discovers a school with no modern technology. I do agree that some things do not change in education not matter what point of education the student is currently in. Some things still have to be taught the old fashion way, with a teacher, a chalk board (or some version of a chalkboard) and pencil and paper. Yet, on the other hand, schools are incorporating modern technology and computers are no longer sitting on the back shelf collecting dust. In order for students to be prepared for all of the things Mr. Winkle saw when he first woke up from his 100 year slumber they need modern technology in the classroom. I believe the advancements of modern technology are not replacing old fashion classroom teaching but improving the teaching method for students and teachers alike.


The Importance of Creativity

Mr. Ken Robinson touches on many points that make a person think about creativity in children and adults. I really enjoyed how he pointed out that children are not scared to be wrong but as they grow into adults being wrong closes the doors of creativity. These doors are also closed by education because creativity takes a back burner to mathematics, reading, writing and science. Mr. Robinson also discusses how children are told "you will never be a dancer, musician or artist but work toward something that will bring in a paycheck". I think we have all heard that statement in our own personal lives at some point. Just think about how many great talents have been diminished because people are worried about the "paycheck".
I am so glad he shared the story of Gillian Lynne, who is the choreographer for the Broadway musicals, Cats and Phantom of the Opera. How wonderful that the Doctor she was taken to see, to find out what was wrong with her, knew that she possessed a talent that needed an outlet. How different those musicals would have been without her talented touch. Mr. Robinson goes on to point out how in the 30's we did not have the diagnosis of ADD or ADHD. I think if we were not so quick to jump to a "fix all pill" that maybe we would see that children who are being pinned in a desk for 8 or more hours a day just need an outlet. That outlet just might be found in creativity, in the arts, music, dance, and even sports.
Who knows what great artist is to be found in a child, but we will never know unless that door is opened for that child. I hope as a teacher I can look upon each child and not see a child with a problem or a label of a "problem child" but help them discover their gift. It would be wonderful to see creativity come off the back burner in education and see it as important as the other subjects taught in school.


Laura Scott's EDM 310 and Cecilia Gault

This young student poses some very strong questions for not only Mr. Robinson but for everyone.  She discusses how students in Finland get better grades than here in the United States.  Also how the dropout rate is so high in the United States compared to Finland.  Cecilia Gault raises these questions to Mr. Robinson and receives answers from him.
In her interview she wants to know how can education change to meet the demands of the 21st century, and she also wants to know more about his three (3) myths regarding creativity.  I believe her two (2) questions go hand in hand.  We now have so many ways to express creativity and the technology to do it.  She also asked him to define intelligence.  I agree with Mr. Robinson in his answer.  You cannot define intelligence.  Each child and adult posses some form of intelligence.  We are each different and contribute our own creativity and thought process that helps in all walks of life.
I hope I can help any "Cecilia Gault" in my classroom by fueling their intellect and creativity.  By being their mentor, coach, encourager and biggest cheerleader, because your never know what might come from that child.  I also want to keep learning myself, so that I can better equip my students.  Children respond better to encouragement and positivity.  I will strive to be that teacher and help students blossom though creative learning.

Cartoon picture

Harness Your Students Digital Smarts

What an amazing teacher to bring technology to the classroom, students and even her town!  Vicki Davis is inspiring.  Ms. Davis proves that you can be in the "middle of nowhere" and still be technologically literate.
I love that Ms. Davis is not only teaching but learning from her students as well.  She is such an inspiration to teachers and students everywhere.  I hope to be able to be the same type of teacher and open the doors to new and exciting technology to my students and others around me.


  1. Re EDM310 We hope so! make it better every semester. If we don't it will be almost worthless by the time you graduate!

    "Some things still have to be taught the old fashion way, with a teacher, a chalk board (or some version of a chalkboard) and pencil and paper." Really? What has to be taught the old fashioned way? Make me a list and explain why.

    "I think if we were not so quick to jump to a "fix all pill" ..." I couldn't agree more!

    "you can be in the 'middle of nowhere'..." Even Mobile and Baldwin Counties?

  2. Dr. Strange, I thought about your question as I was typing this blog in regards to the “old fashion way”. I think subjects like, math, reading and science, for example, still need some sort of the old fashion method, because they are very hands on learning. Yet, I think it is very beneficial to upgrade these classes with smart boards and computers. I am currently taking a math class, it is a seated class, but we do everything on computers. I still feel like I understand this math class better when my teacher gets in front of the class and explains problems on the board. I also love doing it all on the computer though because it gives me step by step processes when I do not have the teacher in front of me and I can self teach. I would love to see schools and colleges bring more technology to classrooms because it helps tremendously. I am trying to say that the “old fashion way” is not necessarily using the “burp back method” (which I agree with you on 100%) but still needing a teacher for guidance and instruction. So hopefully there will always be a good mix of teachers and technology. I need my future job to be there when I graduate. ;-)

  3. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts about the assignments. While I agree with most of what you said, there are two main thoughts that I believed were very important. I completely agree with the idea of certain things remaining old fashioned and that our society is sometimes too "quick to jump to a 'fix all pill''.
    Technology has greatly helped my learning and recently I have learned that the advancement of technology can improve classrooms. With that said, I still find that things worked out on the board, such as math problems, help me retain what I'm being taught. This concept is old fashioned, but it can be modernized with the use of the smart board.
    Also, we need to learn that we just label every student with problems such as ADD and ADHD and give them a pill. There is a way to get around said problems, and it might just even be that the student needs to find their outlet. Showcasing and exploring their talents, not a pill, can make these students perform better.