Friday, March 11, 2011

Blog Assignment # 8

This Is How We Dream by Richard Miller

Richard Miller is a Educator in the English Department at Rutgers University in New Jersey. He discuss how writing has changed and adapted to the ways of technology. He was raised in a home full of books and reading which inspired him to be an English teacher. I also was raised in a home where reading was a way life. Growing up I lived across the street from a Public Library. Every summer I joined a reading contest to see who could read the most books. I am proud to say that I did win a couple of times. We also had Encyclopedias in our home. I remember having to use those and go the library and use a card catalog to pull information to do research for a paper. Technology has changed that so much.
I now (not only for myself but my child too) reach for the laptop and do my research on the Internet. Technology has eliminated the need for pens and paper. As I write this blog, I am using my computer, where I can type words out and if I am I not happy with what is written I can delete and start over. Also, I have the joys of spell check, I do not have to pull out a dictionary.

In Part Two of Richard Miller's YouTube video, he discuss how do we incorporate technology in to today's classroom. Students no longer want to just read a piece of paper but have visual aids and audio to go along with what they are reading. This is an age where even babies are introduced to television whether it be a learning video or meaningless cartons. Then as they grow they are taught how to use computers, iPods and eReaders. Using these devices comes naturally to children. I have mentioned in previous blogs that my children use some sort of technology daily, whether it is a iPod Touch or a gaming device and they are only 3 and 7 years old. So how is a teacher going to keep their attention with just a book and paper? This a technological age. I even find myself more engaged in a subject if there is more than just words to read but visuals to go along that are engaging not just a picture. The way of teaching has changed and will not return to what it was. Educators today have no choice but to keep up with technology in order to engage their students and teach. Now to find a way to incorporate this type of learning in every classroom.

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The Chipper Series and EDM 310 for Dummies

The Chipper Series is about a student that deserves an "A" for procrastination and for finding all ways possible to not do the work in EDM 310. You can not procrastinate in EDM 310 because you will fall behind quickly and even to a point that you may not recover. This is a class you have to have to graduate so go ahead and jump in with both feet and get busy.
EDM 310 for Dummies would be a great book to publish for this class but it would not stay in print to long because of the technological changes that occur in this class. At first this class does seem very overwhelming but with patience and help from Dr. Strange and the EDM staff in the lab you will get through it. You will learn more about technology than you ever thought. This class will not only help you but your future students too from the knowledge that you gained in EDM 310.
I would love to do a video on the Smart Board and the frustration I felt with that project. I still have a lot to learn about putting lessons together for the Smart Board and need to spend more time on it. I think of all the things I have learned in this class that frustrated me the most. With help from Anthony Capps though my group and I made it through. My advice in EDM 310 is to get excited about all you are going to learn and never be afraid to ask for help. Future students and other readers, I encourage you to check out our class blog and see what we are doing and what is to come in the future.

Learn to Change, Change to Learn

"Death of education, dawn of learning", this is what the last speaker on the above video says. I love that statement. I agree with this video. Students of this generation, even myself, will get more out of their education by using their minds, collaborating with other students all over the world and using the internet. Using the Internet to find out more about the subject they are studying than just using the book in front of them. Books are such a limited resource when there is so much more out there for students to learn. The students of today are more technologically advanced than the teacher standing in front of them.
As I write this blog right now, I am watching Breaking News about the earthquake in Japan and watching live videos of what is happening to that country. That is because of modern technology and the ability to know what is happening across the world. This is what needs to be used in the classroom. Students need to know what is happening now. They can leave the classroom and go home and be better informed of today's events before these events are written in books and become history that they will study years down the road. So why not go ahead and incorporate technology in the classroom and grow these students and better prepare them for their future.
In order to do this though, teachers need to become learners and be prepared to teach the students of today's technological world.

The Secret Powers of Time

This link here relates to this YouTube video too. Yes technology is great and we need it for our students and it does improve life. Yet, there should be times when we do put technology down and get back to the basics of life. Like being with your family, friends and even making time for yourself. Even though technology is there to help us there still needs to be human interaction. Technology cannot teach manners or show you how to love, respect and have morals. Those life lesson come from others, whether it be parents, grandparents, friends, teachers, co-workers or employers. People are a part of this world and they are what makes technology run. So there are are times in life, when the phone, computer and gaming systems need to be put down and quality time needs to be spent with family and friends. Technology will still be there when you come back, so take a break, the world will not come to an end, in fact it may even get better because you did take a break.

The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

I can relate to this video. I have worked for a company that dangled an unachievable carrot in your face but not for your betterment but for their bottom dollar. I have had monetary goals set out before me but at the destruction of someone's finances for a company's bottom line. If companies and teachers would look at what will improve the employee or the student then you will go further. A student or employee will be more willing to work towards a goal if it is something that grabs their attention and interests. Monetary goals are not always a good driving force as shown in the video and have been proven. If a person feels they are making a difference and improving something for the betterment of others it will go further than any monetary goal set out before them. To be a teacher that helps students achieve that "A" because they want it not because it is something that someone else expects out of that student would be great achievement.


  1. No more erasers!

    "I would love to do a video on the Smart Board and the frustration I felt with that project." Project 16 perhaps. we need a video on the SMARTboard!

    A true multi-tasker. Japan and EDM310 blogs. Well done!

    A bank? A mortgage company? You piqued my interest!

    Thorough, thoughtful, well done! Thanks!

  2. I really enjoyed reading your blog! You make some great points especially about the advances in technology that is available today! I grew up using the library and an encyclopedia for projects and papers in school. I don't think my kids would know what to do if given the Dewey Decimal System to find a resource. The kids today are so technologically advanced and like you mentioned, as teachers, we will have to incorporate technology into our classrooms in order to hold their attention!

    I am amazed at all the technology that is available! The accessibility and the ease at which you can obtain information on both the past and current events is astounding. It can be overwhelming at times but as long as we teach the students how to utilize it responsibly, it can and will be a great asset in the classroom!

    I also agree that there has to be balance between technology and human interaction. The technology is great but it in itself cannot teach manners, emotions and morals. We have to have family time, friend time and social interaction without all the electronics as well. Finding that balance is the hard part!

    What better way to learn about all that is available in technology than through EDM310. I would never have been exposed to half the things we are learning if not for this class! It can definitely be overwhelming and procrastination gets the best of us at times but like you said, if you "jump in with both feet" you will often amaze yourself at what you can do! I just hope that I can retain enough information to incorporate it into my classroom one day! It is changing so much and will continue to I am sure. And our job as educators will be to continue to learn and experiment with technology in our classrooms so that our students are well prepared contributing citizens once they graduate.

    Good luck with the second half of the semester and your journey towards becoming a teacher!

  3. Hi Olivia,
    I really enjoyed reading your post and found all your responses accurate. I to never use a pen and paper anymore, I just hop on my computer and start typing away. I found EDM 310 for Dummies very amusing and funny but I agree with you, as you should not be afraid to ask for help when you need it. There is so much help offered to you in EDM310 and I am one of those who like to go to the lab for help.