Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blog Assignment # 7

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This blog is about Randy Pausch. Please take the the time to watch this You Tube Video and then follow his website HERE. His website will take you to several personal sites and give you more insight into his life.

First of all I have to say this man was truly remarkable. He had such a passion and a vision for teaching that was amazing. Randy Pausch's "Last Lecture" is very inspiring for teachers and everyone in general. This man believed in empowering students with knowledge that was applied and used not only in the classroom but in life. He took a hold of his dreams and creativity and used it to help others not only his self.

I have to paraphrase what he said an assistant football coach said to him. "When you are screwing up and nobody is saying anything to you anymore, that means they gave up." That saying can be applied in education. I believe he used this in his teaching career in assisting his students. When did that teacher give up on the child that was always screwing up? When did that parent, the Sunday school teacher, the boss do that? I have been so blessed to be surrounded by family, friends, teachers, co-workers and employers that cared enough about me to tell me when I did something wrong and helped me correct the problem. That is the kind of wife, mother, friend and teacher I want to be. I want to strive in my life and classroom to never give up on someone but be there to encourage and help guide them in the correct way. The kind of teacher that does not look for the easy way out for a child but finds a way to help that child succeed and grow. If my family, friends, teachers and even past employers had given up on me, I would not be here right now fulfilling my dream of being a teacher. I hope to pass on that same drive and desire.

Randy Pausch was a leader! He showed leadership in the classroom by stepping up and bringing ideas to the classroom that had never been done before. To teach is to experiment and find things that make the classroom a better learning environment. I believe if you want something bad enough you will step up and be the leader and get things done. In being a leader you show what he brought up about a brick wall. That brick wall is there for a reason. The brick wall will either stop you or show your dedication to achieve your dream or desire. Along the way you will become a stronger leader because of the experiences you will go through while getting past the brick wall. You might also be the one that opens a door for another. You might even bring a new idea to the table that will benefit many. So don't be afraid to be a leader and open up doors and knock down brick walls for yourself, another person or a student.

Also I believe Randy Pausch knew the meaning of FUN. To be a great, teacher, leader or visionary, I believe you have to see the positive in all you do and make it an enjoyment rather than a burden. This is what he did with not only his life but his classroom. I have always said "if you have to be there you might as well make the best of it and your time". So why not make getting an education fun. You will grab a child's attention that way and open up their world of creativity. Then education will be a blessing rather than a burden. So are you "Tigger or Eeyore?" in Randy's words.  Open the doors of fun and creativity in the classroom and watch a student grow.

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And last but not least, he touched on loyalty. Being loyal, telling the truth, being earnest, being willing to admit when you are wrong, and always putting your best foot forward will take you far. This is how I was raised and I believe in these principals. They have taken me far and opened up many doors for me. Just like Randy Pausch believed, hard work, leadership and having fun in the process will take you far in life and bring many joys. These things combined will make a great teacher and a student will be beyond blessed to have that teacher. Teachers like Randy Pausch can change the ways of education for the better and bring the classroom to life.

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  1. Olivia,
    I thought this was an amazing and inspirational video too. Definitely worth the time! I also really liked the part when his coach said “When you are screwing up and nobody is saying anything to you anymore, that means they gave up.” That quote really stuck with me and I also hope to be that kind of teacher, wife, and friend who never gives up on anyone! Also, you brought up a great point when you discussed how positive Randy Pausch is and how we should all work on being positive people. I definitely think this is important for educators because our students are basically forced to be in our classrooms everyday, so it’s important for us to make the environment positive and enjoyable for them. Some of my least favorite teachers were ones who were unhappy and seemed to be negative all of the time. You are right though, Randy Pausch is not just an inspirational teacher, he is also an inspirational person!

  2. How he taught is as important as how he led his life!